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sustainability is our priority.

Keeping Jervis Bay pristine and clean is always front and centre of everything we do.
We are a sustainable company, aiming to source as many local ingredients and services as we can. We always endeavour to use local wherever we can. For installation, manufacturing, and ingredients. We enlist the help of Terrewah Farm in sourcing many of these ingredients. Honey from Braidwood, Wandandian or Sanctuary Point. Citrus fruits from Berry Mountain and Kangaroo Valley. Even delicious cheeses to have alongside our drinks.

Image Credit: Destination NSW

Our Sustainable Projects

sustainable project 1

water systems

Currently we do not use town water. Jervis Bay Distilling has 15,000 liters of rainwater collection tanks, micron filters, activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis filtration systems. This limits our demand on the local water supply and makes use of the roof space we have at our warehouse.

sustainable project 2

our composter

Our appropriately named composter Charlie Churner ensures we minimise waste and the health of our gardens is optimal. Charlie is a Close Loop Organics CL050 composting machine. All of our organic waste such as citrus fruits, botanicals and other ingredients are put into the composter once we have extracted all the flavours we need from them. We then close the loop and use the rest of them as compost on our gardens.

sustainable project 3

our solar panels

We are currently being fitted for solar panels on our extensive roof space. Once this is installed we are well on our way to being fully sustainable on site with tank water, compost waste management and solar power, doing our best to keep Jervis Bay pristine.

Image Credit: Destination NSW

our sustainable products

We are a proud sustainable family distillery. We strive to keep Jervis Bay pristine and clean while creating delicious flavour combinations all capturing the fun, summer vibe that is Jervis Bay.

Support our sustainable lifestyle and protect Jervis Bay by grabbing yourself a drink!

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