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our story

our family owned distillery.

On the golden shores of Jervis Bay this father and son have been serving up drinks for over 20 years.

As years rolled by and sunsets painted the sky in hues of orange and pink, a new dream began to take root within their hearts. It was an idea that grew from their shared love for the sea, their admiration for the spirits that carried tales of distant lands, and their desire to leave some history for Jervis Bay. They decided to embark on a journey to create their own coastal distillery.

With determination as steady as the waves crashing upon the shore, the duo set to work. They sourced the finest local ingredients: handpicked citrus fruits, coastal herbs kissed by the salt-laden air, and native fruits that thrived in the land’s embrace. They tinkered with recipes until they discovered the perfect alchemy that paid homage to both the bay’s majesty and the smooth spirits.

a new distillery was born

We trained our distilling craft, making the purest vodka and searching for unique and delicious ways to represent our favourite flavours.

We developed finesse on our quest for a refreshing and easy-drinking dry summer gin.

We let our creative juices flow and developed our captivating aperitif.

– Robert & Stephen

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